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Is Cosmetology Right For You?

1. Your friend asks you to help with her up-do for prom. Do you:

  • Immediately grab your curling iron for a trial run.
  • Start doing your research looking for the latest trends.
  • Want to, but wonder if you're up for the challenge.

2. Which statement rings true when you are around people?

  • I am energized being around people.
  • I like being around people, but need some down time once and a while.
  • I prefer one-on-one time with a friend.

3. When shopping for makeup, you usually go for:

  • Colors and lots of 'em!
  • The newest products out there.
  • Products in the coolest packaging (extra points if they come with free samples!).

4. Are you attentive to even the smallest details?

  • Yes. I'm the person who will come over and straighten all the pictures hanging on your wall.
  • I appreciate the details in things, but do not always catch the little ones.
  • I am strictly a big picture person.

5. When you're at the mall shopping, is your radar focused on:

  • The hairstyles of the other shoppers.
  • The fashions displayed in your favorite boutiques.
  • The sales and deals.

6. Your style is:

  • A little bit funky and completely original.
  • Up-to-date but not over-the-top: You put a casual spin on the latest trends.
  • Sophisticated and sexy.

7. A friend is telling you a detailed story, do you:

  • Hang on their every word.
  • Catch the main points.
  • Tune her out after a while, and start pondering your to-do list.

8. You're with your girls getting ready to head out for the night. Which role do you fall into?

  • The hair and makeup master
  • The "look" consultant
  • The party planner

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