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Wedding Trends for Today’s Brides: Remember Your Nails!

Posted by on July 31, 2013

We all think about that special day.  Every detail has to be nailed down and be so very perfect.  Then it hits you—oh my, I forgot my about my nails!

wedding trends, nailsTry not to wait until the last minute!  First of all, you should always be caring for your nails by getting regular manicures, keeping hydrated with water, taking vitamins, and minimizing overall damage. When it comes to your wedding, you want your hands to shine when you get your pictures done.  They always look so pretty with that new ring on the finger and threaded with your new spouse’s hand. 

Today’s brides are really not much different than traditional brides—they take similar photos (although today’s photographers are getting much more creative!) that show off their hands.  Start thinking about the condition of your nails at least a couple months ahead of the big date.

Now the question becomes, nail art designs, natural, or traditional French? Today’s modern bride has options galore!  It all comes down to personal preference.  Classic looks of natural or French polish application are still typically the most popular for most weddings, but don’t be afraid to add a little bling too!  Some brides these days are really making their nails stand out.  It all comes down to your personality and what you want to stand out. Maybe your nails could reflect “something blue?”

With all the nerves of planning the wedding, make sure you don’t take your stress out on your nails.  Instead, treat yourself to regular manicures.  It helps your nails and relieves your stress.  Trust me; it’s worth the time spent.

By Cori Omundson, Licensed Nail Technician, Minnesota School of Cosmetology

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