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Hot DIY Nail Art Trends for 2013

Posted by on April 24, 2013

What are ombre nails? There are a couple different ways to get ombre looks.  You can do it on each nail or start with a light color on the pinky and go darker on each nail all the way to the thumb. Either way, the ombre look shows no signs of slowing!

nail art, ombre nailsTo do it on each nail, you will need at least two colors, a makeup sponge, and scotch tape, cuticle oil, or glue.

  • Tape around each nail or put a layer of glue around each nail without touching the nail or apply cuticle oil carefully on the skin around the nail (don’t forget the pad of the finger!)
  • Polish your nails with a base coat and at least 1 base color
  • Take the square bottom end of a triangular makeup sponge and place a strip of each color on the bottom
  • Stamp it on your nails, do it more than once if necessary bringing it up slightly higher each time if you want more
  • Wait for it to dry and then peel off the tape or glue, or wipe the oil into the skin
  • Apply a top coat and you are done!

Water marblingthis is a really cool looking technique that you can do at home.  All you need is some polish, a shot glass or small cup, warm (not hot!) water, and scotch tape, oil, or glue

  • First, tape around your nails covering most visible skin or apply a thin layer of glue around the skin – not touching the nail and let it dry
  • Polish your nails with a base coat or a base color coat. 
  • Start with a small cup of room temperature water (very important to be room temp 68-72 degrees and don’t try styrofoam cup)
  • Put a single drop of each color in the water  
  • Then take a toothpick and marbleize it in the water.
  • Take your finger and slowly dip it into the middle of the color in the water making sure it is completely submerged and slowly take it out.
  • Let dry and then take off the tape or peel off the glue
  • Cover with a top coat and you’re done! 

Matte Designs

I’ve talked about my love of OPI polish.  When they came out with their matte lines of polish, I wasn’t initially all that impressed.  But they decided they weren’t quite done with the concept.  They finally got it right!  OPI Matte Top Coat.  What a great way to introduce super subtle nail art designs!

What you’ll need:  Base coat, regular OPI color, OPI Matte Top Coat, regular top coat and what else?  Scotch tape!   (Or find other types of netting or things that can create different designs)

  • Use a base coat and apply 2 coats of your color and a regular top coat
  • Wait until completely dry (approx. 30 min) and place strips of scotch tape in areas that you want your regular color to show through nice and shiny
  • Apply OPI Matte Top Coat over the top of the exposed areas
  • Wait until dry (5-10 min) and carefully peel off the tape
  • Voila!  Subtle nail art designs – very classy!

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