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Twin Cities Live Viewer Receives Virtual Makeover

Posted by on January 16, 2014

The possibilities are endless with the use of iPads at the Minnesota School of Cosmetology. This was seen firsthand as Twin Cities Live viewer, Stephanie, received a complete virtual makeover, courtesy of MSC. Stephanie was a little nervous but definitely excited as she began her transformation with the help of the new technology.

“The integration of iPads into our curriculum not only changes how students learn in the classroom, but allows clients like Stephanie to have a completely different experience on the salon floor,” says Jill Hocking, campus director at Minnesota School of Cosmetology Woodbury campus.

Stephanie wanted a new look for her upcoming birthday, so to begin, Minnesota School of Cosmetology student, Heather, used an app on her iPad to show Stephanie a few different makeover options. After taking Stephanie’s photo on the iPad, Heather was able to upload it to the application to show Stephanie what different hairstyles would look like on her, before even touching a pair of shears.

“The iPad is really good for clients who want drastic changes,” Heather says about using apps to show clients potential new looks. “It makes them feel more comfortable and relieves the tension so that we can just take care of them.”

With the guidance of Heather and MSC instructor, Irene, Stephanie decided on a cut and color, and she was off to the shampoo sinks to begin her transformation. To give her a more mature look, Heather cut Stephanie’s hair to collarbone-length with an inverted style, meaning longer in the front and shorter in the back. She also gave her bangs. Heather then applied all-over base hair color to bring out the natural red undertones in Stephanie’s hair.

While the color set, Heather began working on Stephanie’s makeup. Once again, she used the iPad app to determine the best look. She was able to choose everything from the foundation, lipstick color and eye makeup, all with the use of the app.

Heather applied foils to add some highlights in Stephanie’s hair, and after a few finishing touches and some styling, Stephanie’s new look was revealed.

“I love it,” says Stephanie after seeing the final result. “It’s even better than I expected.”


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