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Let’s Dance: Practicing as Makeup Artists for Celebrity Dancers

Posted by on January 11, 2013

Minnesota School of Cosmetology, makeup artists
Three of our amazing Minnesota School of Cosmetology students, Kimberly Hughes, Evea Hermann and Bobbie Bednar volunteered as hair and makeup artists for celebrity dancers who participated in a local celebrity dance competition called “Let’s Dance.”

The Let’s Dance event is held annually at the beautiful Saint Paul Hotel to benefit CornerHouse, an organization that ensures children’s voices are heard and understood in cases of alleged abuse. According to the CornerHouse website, “CornerHouse hears the voices of approximately 500 children each year when conducting forensic interviews and medical examinations of children who have reported sexual abuse, witnessed violent crime or who may have been otherwise victimized.”

Rut Newman, volunteer and administrative coordinator at CornerHouse, was thankful for the services our students provided. She stated, “The work you did, your positive attitude – it was so crucial to the success of the night. Thank you!”

Student Bobbie Bednar was thrilled that she made the decision to volunteer for the event. She exclaimed, “I had so much fun! Thank you again for the opportunity! We were surprised to see four other makeup artists there when we arrived, but it was awesome to get to talk to them about their experiences in the industry. A few of them are freelance artists that get paid to do the Target and JC Penney ads and catalogs as well as local TV commercials. It was awesome!”

Photography: Nancy Van Thorre

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