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Monthly Archives: February 2019

MSC Partners With KLASS Cosmetics

Written By: Meesa OShanka Makeup means something different for everyone.  Some people like to keep it natural with just a little gloss and some mascara.  Others might like taking it a little bit further with some eyeliner and some brow filler.  You might even be so bold as to make your lips glitter and wing out your liner like Amy Winehouse. The point is that makeup is a way to express yourself, no matter how much or how little you use.  A variety of products exist, and brands are always coming up with new and innovative things in the way of makeup.  Bold lips and dramatic eyes are not just
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The Definitive Guide to Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is the most popular type of massage found in spas, health clinics and resorts. It is also a popular choice for massage therapists practicing their skills to serve many different clients. Because of its relaxing and therapeutic nature, many people prefer Swedish massage. Not only is it beneficial to the overall wellness of the massage client, but it can help them to relax and feel rejuvenated in a way that they never thought possible. What is Swedish Massage? When most people think about a whole-body massage, they are picturing a Swedish massage. Swedish massage is the foundation for many types of massage therapy. Swedish massage movements help warm
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Dermatology and Esthiology: An Esthetician’s Guide

Skincare encompasses a range of services, products and procedures. While some can maintain healthy skin with their skincare routine, there are many people who prefer professionals. Skincare professionals help others in their pursuit of vibrant, youthful, healthy skin. However, knowing what kind of skin care professional you need can be tricky. Dermatology and esthiology are both professional studies of skincare. While there is similarity, there are also significant differences between the areas of expertise. Let’s look at some of the differences and similarities in the dermatology and esthiology fields. Differences Between Dermatology and Esthiology Different Ranges in Care Abilities Both Dermatology and Esthiology care for your skin. They both can
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The Dos and Don’ts of Hair Coloring

Coloring your hair is one of the biggest changes you can make to rejuvenate your appearance. You may be nervous about making such a serious decision about your look, and rightfully so. There is a lot to consider, but also a lot to be excited about. Preparation, the hair coloring itself and aftercare are all important to the success of your hair color changes, and it is important to consider each area very carefully before going all in on a brand-new look. Hair Color Preparation Before your hair undergoes whatever color transformation you have planned for it there are things that you need to do to prepare. Hair dyes and
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