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Monthly Archives: January 2019

8 Tips on Nail Care: A Nail Technician’s Guide

Are you interested in becoming an expert in nail care? Always painting your fingernails to match your outfit? Learning about the newest nail styles and sharing them with your friends? If you are interested in nail care, you may also be interested in becoming a nail technician. As a nail technician, you can help clients care for their nails. Here are some tips that a nail technician would offer to clients to best care for their nails. Tip #1: Keep Your Nails and Hands Clean Dirty hands are just asking for trouble, both from a health and an aesthetic point of view. Not only are dirty nails unhygienic, they are unattractive. Fingernails are a part
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What I Wish I Knew Before Becoming a Massage Therapist

Massage therapy is a rewarding career that enables you to relax and heal your clients. Clients may come to you because they need to unwind and relax, or they may be experiencing muscle tenderness and soreness. Becoming a massage therapist allows you to help your clients live a happy and healthy lifestyle. Some massage therapists work on their own, running and operating their own businesses. Others work in spas, healthcare clinics, fitness centers and hotels. No matter where you choose to work as a massage therapist, it’s crucial that you receive the proper education. What a Massage Therapist Actually Does Most people who enter the field aren’t aware of what
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Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Cosmetology Program

Considering enrolling in a cosmetology program? There are many different career options to consider along with education requirements and certifications. Maybe you’re familiar with products and techniques but want to find a program that will help you use those skills as a cosmetologist. There are opportunities in all areas of cosmetology that would be fulfilling career options. Some are traditional, others are out of the box. There are career choices that are mainstream and ones that are more niche. Choosing the right cosmetology program for you means knowing what you want and what you can give to it. A good way to figure those things out is to ask yourself
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Have One of These 5 Health Conditions? See a Massage Therapist

Massages aren’t just for those seeking an escape from the day-to-day demands of life. While the health benefits of bodywork have been known for some time, more recently massage therapy has become a respected remedy in the medical community.  Today, it’s not uncommon to see massage therapists working alongside doctors, nurses, and other providers as part of a patient’s treatment plan. Stress and pain relief may immediately come to mind when thinking of conditions that may benefit from massage therapy, but there are much more that may be improved. Here is a look at a few others. Massage Therapy and High Blood Pressure The American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) offers
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Manager or Owner?: Operating a Successful Salon

Want to become a hairstylist? Do you want to manage or own a salon some day? Working in the beauty industry is highly rewarding. Whether you specialize in hairstyling or your goal is to become a master manicurist, there are many possibilities for career growth. After you graduate from a cosmetology program, you may decide to become a salon manager or owner. There are many differences and similarities in these roles and understanding the variations can help you to become the best manager and owner possible. What it Takes to Run a Successful Salon Whether you are a salon manager or owner, there are many things you need to know
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Wigs, Extensions & Weaves: A Cosmetologist’s Guide

If you are on social media or searching through hair magazines for hair inspiration, cosmetology may be right for you. Hair is all about experimenting, creative expression and finding the artist in you. With Instagram, Facebook and other social platforms you can follow celebrity hairstylists, celebrities, or influencers. If this sounds like you, then you may enjoy seeing how weaves, wigs, and extensions can help your hair goals. Hair alternatives make it easy to experiment on hair. Taking a trip to the beauty salon could mean leaving with Beyoncé’s long, sleek luxurious look, sacrificing a couple of hours of time. Cosmetology will teach you all the fascinating ways to work
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