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Monthly Archives: November 2018

Cosmetics Tips: More than Just Makeup

We are ushering in a new and empowering era of beauty. The days of using makeup as a way to mask your natural features are fading. In their place we are welcoming beauty definitions that are far more inclusive and unconventional. This imaginative spirit has woven itself into the creativity of our cosmetics and revived the passion and excitement in the beauty industry as a whole. These new ideas, along with makeup products and application techniques, are tools we can use to look and feel our very best. Instead of diving into an endless list of shopping suggestions and step-by-step tutorials that may not apply to your unique beauty, let’s
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Preparing for an Esthetician Interview

  Are you interested in becoming an esthetician? If so, you will want to know what to prepare for upcoming job interviews. You will also want to look the part and show up on time. Preparing for an esthetician job interview is important and may help you land your first job–or dream job! Concentrate On Your Presentation Estheticians are the faces of cosmetology. It makes sense to put consideration and effort into the way you present yourself for an interview for an esthetician position. You should look and feel your best if you are striving for a career in the world of beauty and skincare. Be Neat and Clean While
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Massage Therapy: Tools of the Trade

As a massage therapist, having access to tools of the trade are essential for performing massage services at the highest level. Regardless of whether you are planning on working independently or for a local spa or massage franchise, here are some of the massage therapy tools you can expect to use on a daily basis. Massage Tables First of all, the most important massage therapy tool is the massage surface. Massage tables are key to performing services. There are two basic types of massage tables, stationary and portable. Both work excellent for full body, relaxation, or deep tissue massage. Stationary Massage Tables Spas, rehabilitation centers, and franchise settings often use
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How to Personalize Your Skincare Regimen

Sorting through the tips and guides to healthy, vibrant skin can be exhausting. Everyone seems to have a regimen they swear by or a product they can’t wait to tell you about. The problem is, these tips and tutorials can’t take your individuality into account. So, while others may have similar issues, struggles or advantages, it is ultimately up to you to figure out the best approach to your skincare regimen. So rather than giving you even more specific tips and tricks that may or may not apply to you, let’s help you find the right approach to skincare for you by giving you some things to keep in mind.
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Questions to Prepare for a Massage Therapist Interview

As a recent graduate in Massage Therapy, you have a wealth of opportunities to land an entry-level position as a massage therapist at a local spa or franchise. Skilled massage therapists are in high demand, so don’t be surprised when you start getting calls for interviews! Prepare for Common Questions at Your Interview Here are a few common questions you may be asked at an entry-level massage therapist interview. Keep in mind that the interview process varies from employer to employer, so this is not a definitive list. Question #1: What Massage School Did You Attend? Massage therapy franchises and spas require therapists to be trained and licensed to perform
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Minnesota Cosmetology Licensing Exams Part 2: Chapter 155A

The second part of the Minnesota Board of Cosmetology Licensing Exam focuses on statutes and rules. The first half of the exam is about Chapter 155A and the second half of the exam is about  Chapter 2105. Part 3 of the blog series will tackle Chapter 2105 statutes and rules as compiled by the Minnesota Board of Cosmetology. Cosmetology State Examination This exam consists of 35 questions. You have 1 hour to complete this section. The Cosmetology State Examination focuses on general information about the Minnesota statutes, licensing, practice requirements, and enforcement. The Chapter 155A statutes focus on definitions, board purpose and responsibilities and cosmetologist licensing. This section also focuses
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6 Skills Needed to be a Successful Nail Technician

Nail art is growing thanks to social media and magazines full of inspirational images of nail styles and colors. Nail art ranges from understated designs to the extravagantly elaborate. This means that being a successful nail technician requires varying qualities and skills. This is especially true if a nail technician has goals of celebrity clients and high-paying jobs. Interpersonal skills nail technicians need to succeed include communication, reliability, and leadership. A nail technician will also need technical skills to succeed. These skills include the ability to spot trends, be precise, and great concentration. With these skills and the foundation built from a cosmetology program, nail technicians will be set up
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Manicures & Pedicures: Tools of the Trade

Are you interested in becoming a nail technician? If so, you will want to buff up on the tools and products nail technicians use to perform a manicures and pedicures. A manicure or pedicure is a service that keeps the nails and skin of the hands and feet in healthy condition. This may mean smoothing calloused skin on your feet, as well as maintaining the cuticles of your hands. Adding proper oils and shaping nails helps keep them strong. Services also include a light massage or gentle muscle stretching that accompanies manicures and pedicures. Manicures and pedicures are a great way to keep your nails and skin healthy. Our hands
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