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Monthly Archives: July 2018

Five Tips to Help Hairstylists Sell Salon Products

If your hair salon shelves are loaded with salon products that aren’t selling, you might need to change your sales strategy — or better yet, change the focus of your sales pitch so that it’s more about the customer than the product. According to the latest Professional Salon Industry Haircare Study released from Professional Consultants & Resources, US salon services and product sales reached revenues of $63 billion in 2017, representing an increase of two percent over the previous year. The study also said that approximately 257,000 US salons (and barbershops) sell salon haircare products. For many salon owners, however, the most interesting statistics are those that reveal which products
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9 Reasons to Attend a Cosmetology School

Do you like to help your friends with their hair styles or make-up? Do you want to learn more about attending a cosmetology school? There are many reasons to attend a cosmetology school. Students can graduate from cosmetology programs in under a year Smaller classes with more one on one attention from the instructor The program offers a focused curriculum Learn specialties within cosmetology Hands-on training prepares you for the workforce There is a strong demand for cosmetologists You’ll have the ability to make a difference in people’s lives It is fun and exciting to stay on trend learning new styles Cosmetology schools may offer on-going career services to help
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