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Monthly Archives: July 2014

5 Reasons Why Getting a Cosmetology Diploma is Right for You

From personal to professional, there are many reasons to get a cosmetology diploma.  If you want to work in a fun environment, love staying current on the latest trends in beauty, and have a passion for helping people look and feel their best, getting a cosmetology diploma is a great first step. Still worried that it may not be right for you? Fear not! Read on to find out why getting a cosmetology diploma is an awesome pathway toward a fulfilling career. You love it! The old saying is true: If you love what you do, you never have to work. Salon time can be super fun: hanging with your
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MSC Students Take Project to the Next Level

Minnesota School of Cosmetology (MSC) students have a variety of projects and assignments that they complete while at MSC. One of the assignments is called the Muscles and Bones of Head/Face/Neck. A few students have taken this project to the next level and have used a human head instead of the Styrofoam head they receive. “Jamie was the perfect person to work on the assignment with—he was bald already,” said MSC student Aida Jackson This project is a great tool for students to understand where the different bones and muscles are on the human head, face and neck.  Aida said, “Using an actual head helped us really understand where the different muscles and bones are.  We were very excited
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Minnesota School of Cosmetology Student Gets Hands-On Experience in Career Field She Loves

Heather Melton always knew she wanted to be a cosmetologist. As a student at Minnesota School of Cosmetology, she enjoys the daily interaction with clients. “I’ve been interested in the beauty industry since I was a small child,” says Heather. “My passion is to do hair and make people feel wonderful.” The experience she gets from working with real clients and practicing the skills she learns in the classroom is something Heather appreciates about MSC. “Minnesota School of Cosmetology is hands-on right away, so instead of just learning from the book, I get to do everything right off the bat,” Heather says. That hands-on experience is what Heather says has
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MSC Loves Their Employer Partners!

We have amazing employer partners at the Minnesota School of Cosmetology (MSC). Throughout the year, cosmetology industry leaders visit our schools to perform demonstrations, participate in our career fairs, master panel discussions and advisory board meetings. Every six weeks, our advanced students are lucky enough to have employers mentor them in a hands-on environment by offering tips and tricks on haircutting. The student is responsible for bringing in a model and the employers offer their advice on proper techniques and client consultations. The students also receive knowledge about the specific employer, characteristics the employer is looking for in an employee and network to land a job once they graduate from cosmetology
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A Day in the Life: 5 Cosmetology Gigs You Never Would Have Expected

Within a traditional salon/spa setting, there are plenty of jobs available, from hair and makeup to nails and skin care. But with the right education and experience, there are unique paths you can take in your career as a cosmetologist. You’ll still work in a fun industry—you’ll just use your knowledge of beautification in different ways. Here are five careers in the cosmetology field you may not have even known existed. Writer/blogger You know how to make people look and feel great. Can you tell others how it works? Industry publications and beauty-product manufacturers themselves need people who know about cosmetology and can write in an entertaining and informative way.
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5 Trendy Industries That Hire Cosmetologists

If you’re thinking about getting formal training for the beauty industry, you might assume that working in a salon/spa is your only career option after graduation. Yet there are numerous places where you can utilize your creativity and passion for cosmetology—and still be part of the latest trends that help people feel and look good. Sure, salons can be pretty darn trendy, but they aren’t the only place where you can keep up with, and help develop, the latest and greatest in the profession. Check out these five hip spots where you can take your skills and apply them to a rewarding career. Entertainment Industry You can bet Lady Gaga
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How to Find a Cosmetology School That is the Right Fit

If you’re ready to jump headfirst into the exciting world of cosmetology, you’re probably wondering where to go for your education.  You probably want a fun and hip school that also gives you the knowledge and skills you need to start your career as a cosmetologist. There are several factors you should consider when choosing a school. Here, we’ll run down a few of the things to think about as you weigh your options. Reputation As you research cosmetology schools, be sure to consider the institution’s reputation. You don’t want to land in some fly-by-night diploma mill. Take a look at the school’s history; ask about job placement after graduation;
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Volunteer Turned Cosmetologist Learns New Ways to Lend a Helping Hand

With a background in non-profit volunteer work, Nicole Bennett never thought she would end up in cosmetology. Now, she’s a student at Minnesota School of Cosmetology and is excited to begin this new career path. “Walking into school I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I have learned that this is a never-ending learning experience,” she says. “I feel ready for my career, and now with the basis I can continue to learn from here.” There are many things Nicole finds exciting about cosmetology and being a student at MSC, including the fun activities in addition to serving clients. “There are plenty of avenues to explore with
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Cosmetologists are Natural Born Givers

Minnesota School of Cosmetology (MSC) is continuously finding ways, time and energy to give back to our community and to those in need. Year to date, MSC’s students, staff and faculty have donated 426 hours of community engagement by actively participating in many outreach programs and events, striving to make a difference in peoples lives. Cosmetologists have numerous ways they can make a person’s gloomy day turn into a pursuit of happiness. A simple human touch can mean a world of difference, especially to someone who may be homeless, elderly without family members to care and show love for them, or making a child who is struggling with cancer feel beautiful. Many of the lives we touch are
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Positive Energy at Minnesota School of Cosmetology Helps Student Succeed

Hannah Lewison enjoys when she’s made a client happy. She loves knowing they’re satisfied after they walk out of the salon with a smile on their face, and she says her educational experience at Minnesota School of Cosmetology gives her the chance to do that every day. “I’m very passionate about making people feel good about themselves,” she says. Hannah chose the Minnesota School of Cosmetology because she wanted the opportunity to work with as many clients as possible, and the salon atmosphere with the big clinic floor allowed her to do that. She also appreciates the positive energy that comes from her classmates and instructors. “The instructors know I
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