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Monthly Archives: April 2013

Hot DIY Nail Art Trends for 2013

What are ombre nails? There are a couple different ways to get ombre looks.  You can do it on each nail or start with a light color on the pinky and go darker on each nail all the way to the thumb. Either way, the ombre look shows no signs of slowing! To do it on each nail, you will need at least two colors, a makeup sponge, and scotch tape, cuticle oil, or glue. Tape around each nail or put a layer of glue around each nail without touching the nail or apply cuticle oil carefully on the skin around the nail (don’t forget the pad of the finger!)
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Want the Prettiest Prom Hair? Check out These 5 Trendy Styles

With prom season on its way you may be faced with the crucial task of choosing a prom hairstyle.  Gone are the days of tightly pinned up do’s with a nest of curls neatly fashioned upon the top of your head.  Gone are the days of spraying your neatly coiffed up do so that it’s hard as cement.  Whether you’re prom prepping or just pondering pretty hair, look no further.  The students at Minnesota School of Cosmetology are creating trendy beautiful styles fit for any princess.  Here’s  a list of what our current students state are the most current styles. Braids are the biggest trend in 2013 for prom.  Creative
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